​​Check out this brief YouTube video that will help give you a better understanding of what this cruise is all about.  You might even see a familiar face!  

AmaWaterways Wine Cruises


It's never too soon to start planning your next vacation.  You are invited to join the family of Robert Young Estate Winery on a seven-night winery hosted river cruise on AMAWATERWAYS for the Taste of Bordeaux  sailing.

Taste of Bordeaux is the ultimate river cruise for wine lovers.

Sail throughout the famed Bordeaux region, April 2-April 9, 2020 on the award winning AmaDolce with your wine hosts, and experience special tours and tastings at local wineries and private cellars only available on wine cruises.  

Book  before the special discounted stateroom pricing increases after May 31st.

​- Save up to $1,500 per stateroom -  

​​​​ NEW Offerings

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